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     '' Writing songs for both established and up and coming artists''

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by Amie Jane Brown




Writing and PitCHing DEmos

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Singer/songwriter Amie Jane Brown is set to make her mark at the start of next year with a collection of music from laid back acoustic soul to upbeat quirky pop. A labour of love, her forthcoming E.P ‘Rosie Colored Spectacles’ showcases her immense experience, soaking up influence from all of the musicians and artists she’s been fortunate enough to write,record and perform with over the years. With influences from her enviable background singing in the UK’s underground house and Drum & Bass scenes her songs are a unique mix which resonate through her portfolio of music.

Amie’s latest material comes off the back of the last two years spent writing, collaborating and recording with a multitude of producers and writers including writing partner Jack Glass and producer Yonatan Collier.

Collaborations and Writing credits include: 

. Ministry of Sound Radio

. EMI Production Music

. Capital Radio

. The Freesylers

. Crooklyn Static – Wrongstars- (Unstable Label/Finger Lickin’ Records)

. Harry Coade & Derrick Mckenzie (Jamiroquai)

. Barenoize (Buygore, Hypnotic Records)

. Dust 21 Live Drum and Bass Band

. New Noise Audio- (BBC Radio One, Smooth Radio)

. H00Q

. Jimmy Screech (Roots Manuva,Banana Klan)

. Queen D and The Hornets

At University she recorded vocals on a multitude of dance tracks and was performing live on an ever increasing basis, being fortunate to share the stage with some truly inspirational musicians including Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith, Skunk Anansie's Ace, Pete Freson and producer Clive Cherry as well as gaining work experience with the Wall of Sound and Hospital Records labels.

Amie’s next musical project came in the form of live Drum N Bass act Dust 21 which saw numerous radio slots, many gigs across London at iconic venues such as the Rhythm Factory and Bar Rumba, performing alongside the likes of Hazard and Skibadee, as well as festivals across the UK and Europe including the main stage at Waveform (UK) and Bevrijdings Festival (Holland).

During her time as lead vocalist in Dust 21 she was writing independently and recording with a number of other artists including a funk/soul /electronic project with Harry Coade featuring artists such as Jamiroquai’s Derrick Mckenzie and singer Roy Ayres, which saw their remix of ‘Down to the Bone’ released on the Narada Jazz Record label (2007)

She then hooked up with the Wrongstars Paul Southgate (Unstable Label) and the duo formed the funk/soul project Crooklyn Static, gigging and recording with their tunes receiving attention and interest across the UK from labels including Norman Cooks (Fatboy Slim) Southern Fried Records and plays on underground stations Kane FM and Groove School Radio.

Amie has a huge portfolio of songs to offer both established and up and coming artists and can provide a songwriting service upon request.She has directed a number of Songwriting and recording workshops, writing for various performing artists as well as completing over two albums worth of material.




Hooq- Bass Drop


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 Featured in this months New Noise Audio showreel - Capital 2016


News & Updates

Queen D and The Hornets featuring Amie Jane Brown at the Pizza Express Jazz Club August 6th 2016


MUSIC JULY 13, 2011


“It doesn’t matter how your day has been, I guarantee that if you slap this on and crank it up, even the grumpiest chops would soon find themselves up-ended, grinning childishly whilst bouncing round the room like a funkified-Tigger!”


This really is such a cracking track and definitely one for the summer playlist. Vocally sounds like a fresh fruit-punch, simply gorgeous, pitch perfect harmonies and catchy, but like a true punch it slaps your senses silly as the lyrics just jump out at you in 3D.

Rhythmically this track consists of wild funky guitar stabs underpinned by true funk meets big break-beats. Track just bounces along with a seamless blend of funky samples, brass riffs and craftily stitched together by hard panned dancing twists of Pop synths. Really could ask for anything more.

Well time to let the music speak for itself…


Currently working on an all-new project album, writing & recording with various artists and producers

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Reviewed by Sam Bryan-Merrett